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Unfinished <br /> Business (a) <br /> REPORT <br /> EMERGENCY AND FIRE SERVICES DEPARTMENT <br /> Meeting: GENERAL PURPOSE AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE <br /> Date: March 17, 2014 Resolution#: of -49S-1( By-law#: <br /> Report#: ESD-004-14 File#: <br /> Subject: EMERGENCY AND FIRE SERVICES DEPARTMENT — FIRE MASTER PLAN <br /> RECOMMENDATIONS: <br /> It is respectfully recommended that the General Purpose and Administration Committee <br /> recommend to Council the following: <br /> 1. THAT the Fire Master Plan as prepared by Dillon Consulting, be approved by <br /> Council as the strategic template for the delivery of fire protection services for the <br /> Municipality of Clarington; and <br /> 2. THAT the Director of Emergency Services be directed to develop a <br /> comprehensive implementation plan including proposed operating and capital <br /> budget requirements to be presented to Council on an annual basis for <br /> consideration as a component of the fire department budget submission process. <br /> Submitted by: Reviewed by: ` <br /> Gord Weir, Franklin Wu, <br /> Director of Emergency Chief Administrative Officer <br /> Services <br /> GW/mb <br /> CORPORATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF CLARINGTON <br /> 40 TEMPERANCE STREET, BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO L1C 3A6 T 905-623-3379 <br />