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PHONE 72-i <br />H. E. MILL90N. CLERK AND TR@A9URER <br />O RON O. ONTARIO <br />CANADA <br />December I2, 1955. <br />PUBLIC STATEMENT <br />In accordanoe with Section 139 of the Municipal <br />Aet, I, H. E. Millson, Clerk of the Township of <br />Clarke, hereby declare the Pollowin~ to be e <br />statement of votes for candidates for Council <br />received from the Deputy Returning OfPioers: <br />E. Dent - 384 <br />F. B. Lovekin - 384 <br />J. H. Lowery - 592 <br />R. Savery - 622 <br />_` <br />.~ <br />Clerk, Township of Clarke <br />