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• <br /> Leading t)ze Way REPORT <br /> PLANNING SERVICES DEPARTMENT <br /> Meeting: GENERAL PURPOSE AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE <br /> Date: January 23, 2012 Resolution #: By-law #: N/A <br /> Report#: PSD-006-12 File #: PLN 17.13.9 <br /> Subject: WATERSHED MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR ROBINSON AND TOOLEY CREEKS <br /> RECOMMENDATIONS: <br /> It is respectfully recommended that the General Purpose and Administration Committee <br /> recommend to Council the following: <br /> 1. THAT Report PSD-006-12 be received; <br /> 2. THAT AECOM be thanked and commended for their work in preparing the Watershed <br /> Management Plan for Robinson and Tooley Creeks; <br /> 3. THAT the CLOCA staff be thanked for their assistance in reviewing the Watershed <br /> Management Plan Robinson and Tooley Creeks; <br /> 4. THAT the Watershed Management Plan be received and referred to Staff for <br /> consideration during the Official Plan Review process; <br /> 5. THAT the Existing Conditions Report and Watershed Management Plan be utilized for <br /> the preparation of the Secondary Plans, particularly for the South Courtice Employment <br /> Lands, a special project of the Official Plan Review; <br /> 6. THAT the Special Study Area identified in the northern portion of Robinson Creek, on <br /> the future Town Centre site be carried out to inform the Courtice Main Street Secondary <br /> Plan; <br /> 7. THAT as per Policy 24.6 of the Official Plan, the identified existing natural heritage <br /> features on Map `C' be updated; and <br /> 8. THAT all interested parties listed in Report PSD-006-12 and any delegations be advised <br /> of Council's decision. <br /> CORPORATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF CLARINGTON <br /> 40 TEMPERANCE STREET, BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO L1C 3A6 T(905)623-3379 F (905)623-0830 <br />