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'~~ <br />, <br />CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF NEWCASTLE <br />40 TEMPERANCE STREET <br />BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO <br />L1C 3A6 - TELEPHONE 623-3379 <br />November 17, 1988. <br />1988 MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS - FINAL RESULTS <br />Our File: 10.50.14 <br />The attached statement is a copy of the Official Final <br />Results for the 1988 Municipal Elections held in the <br />Town of Newcastle on the 14th day of November 1988. <br />The voter turn out for the Town of Newcastle was 45.7%, <br />which represents a decrease £rom 47% in 1985. <br />Q GLt~1.c-L~ <br />Pa L. Barrie, A.M.C.T.(A), <br />Clerk and Returning Officer. <br />