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I <br />CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF NEWCASTLE <br />OFFICE OF THE TOWN CLERK <br />40 TEMPERANCE STREET <br />BOWMANVILL E, ONTARIO <br />Ll C 3A6 <br />November lOth,1982 <br />1982 MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS <br />FINAL RESULTS <br />Our File No. 10.50.14. <br />The attached statement is a copy of the OFFICIAL FINAL RESULTS <br />FOR THE 1982 MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS HELD IN THE TOWN OF NEWCASTLE <br />ON THE 8th DAY OF NOVEMBER, 1982. <br />~~,or' <br />~a~• <br />TELEPHONE 623-3379 <br />ELECTION ROLL ELECTORS CASTING BALLOTS PERCENTAGE <br /> <br />Ward 1 8,083 3,653 45.19 <br />Ward 2 9,054 4,524 49.96 <br />Ward 3 6,762 3,288 48.62 <br />Total 23,899 11,465 47.97 <br />This represents a percentage increase of 1 percent over 1980. <br /> <br />The Poll by Poll results have been verified and, two minor errors <br />noted and corrected in the Separate School figures in Ward Two. <br />No standings were altered as a result of these changes. <br /> <br />Davi~f W. Oakes, A.M.C.T, <br />Clerk and Returning Officer <br />