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k <br /> Finance r <br /> Report <br /> If this information is required in an alternate accessible format, please contact the Municipal <br /> Clerk at 905-623-3379 ext. 2102. <br /> Report To: Special General Government Committee <br /> Date of Meeting: March 18 2016 <br /> Report Number: FND-002-16 ' <br /> File Number: Department File# By-law Number: <br /> Report Subject: 2016 Current and Capital Budget <br /> Recommendations: <br /> 1. That Report FND-002-16 be received; <br /> 2. That Council approve the 2016 Operating and Capital budget as outlined in Schedule "A", <br /> at an estimated tax levy impact of 2.29% (exclusive of tax policy impacts), as directed in <br /> FND-002-16; <br /> 3. That Council approve a 1% tax levy dedicated to Rural Roads split equally between the <br /> Operations and Engineering departments as outlined as item #1 on Schedule "B"; <br /> 4. That Council provide direction on the remaining items listed as Priority "B" for <br /> consideration, as itemized in Schedule "B"; <br /> 5. That Council provide direction on the grants for external agencies per their requests <br /> itemized in Schedule "C", at an estimated tax levy impact of 0.35%; <br /> 6. That Schedules outlining Reserve and Reserve Fund Contributions and new <br /> Reserve/Reserve Funds be approved as shown in the 2016 Draft Budget Binder; <br /> 7. That approximately $800,000 be drawn from the Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund to offset <br /> the tax rate impact; <br /> 8. That the financing of Capital projects, as outlined in the attached documents be approved; <br /> 9. That the external agencies, referred to in Schedule "C" be advised of Council's decision <br /> regarding their grant request; <br /> 10.That any cash flow shortfall in the Development Charges Reserve Funds be interim <br /> financed from the Municipal Capital Works Reserve Fund and General Municipal Reserve <br /> Fund, to be repaid with interest as cash flow permits; <br /> 11.That Report FND-002-16 be adopted by resolution in accordance with provisions of Ontario <br /> Regulation 284/09 of the Municipal Act, 2001; and <br />