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Clari 1sq011 <br /> PlanningDevelopmentand <br /> Committee <br /> Agenda <br /> Date: March 14, 2016 <br /> Time: 7:00 PM <br /> Place: Council Chambers, 2nd Floor <br /> Municipal Administrative Centre <br /> 40 Temperance Street <br /> Bowmanville, Ontario <br /> Inquiries & Accommodations: For inquiries about this agenda, or to <br /> make arrangements for accessibility accommodations for persons attending, please <br /> contact: Michelle Chambers, Committee Coordinator, at 905-623-3379, ext. 2106 or by <br /> email at mchambers( <br /> Alternate Format: If this information is required in an alternate format, please contact <br /> the Accessibility Coordinator, at 905-623-3379 ext. 2131. <br /> Audio Record: The Municipality of Clarington makes an audio record of Planning and <br /> Development Committee meetings. If you make a delegation or presentation at a <br /> Planning and Development Committee meeting, the Municipality will be audio recording <br /> you and will make the recording public by publishing the recording on the Municipality's <br /> website. <br /> Copies of Reports are available at <br />