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Clar*m-n REPORT <br /> PLANNING VI DEPARTMENT <br /> Meeting: GENERAL PURPOSE AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE <br /> Date: January 21, 2013 Resolution #: Mfi- 30-13 By-law #: X013-065 <br /> Report #: PSD-009-13 File #: COPA 2012-0006 <br /> Subject: AMENDMENT NO. 89 TO THE CLARINGTON OFFICIAL PLAN <br /> TO INCORPORATE THE COURTICE MAIN STREET SECONDARY PLAN <br /> OFFICIAL PLAN REVIEW <br /> RECOMMENDATIONS: <br /> It is respectfully recommended that the General Purpose and Administration Committee <br /> recommend to Council the following: <br /> 1. THAT Report PSD-009-13 be received; <br /> 2. THAT Amendment No. 89 to the Clarington Official Plan be approved and that the <br /> By-law contained in Attachment 4 to PSD-009-13 be passed; <br /> 3. THAT Amendment No. 89 to the Clarington Official Plan be forwarded to the <br /> Regional Municipality of Durham for approval; <br /> 4. THAT the Regional Municipality of Durham Planning Department be forwarded a <br /> copy of PSD-009-13; and <br /> 5. THAT the interested parties list in Report PSD-009-13 and any delegations be <br /> advised of Council's decision. <br /> Submitted by: Reviewed by: G - ' <br /> bavWJ. Crome, MCIP, RPP Franklin Wu <br /> Director, Planning Services Chief Administrative Officer <br /> LB/COS/df/ah <br /> 16 January 2013 <br /> CORPORATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF CLARINGTON <br /> 40 TEMPERANCE STREET, BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO L1C 3A6 T (905)623-3379 F (905)623-0830 <br />