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<br />Searching in <br />Weblink <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Searching Hints & Tips <br /> <br />Symbol Translation Use <br />& And To concatenate two phrases <br />Eg. Blue and Green <br />^ Within To search for a phrase within a number of words <br />from another phrase <br />Eg. Blue ^10 of green <br />(look for blue within 10 words of green) <br />| Or To look for this phrase or that phrase <br />(shift + Eg. Blue | green <br />backslash) (look for blue or green) <br />- Not To look for this phrase but not that phrase <br />Eg. Blue – green <br />(look for blue but not green) <br />* Wildcard This is used when you are looking for a phrase <br />tha may be contained within a larger phrase. <br />Eg. *4567* <br />(look for any occurrence where 4567 are found <br />togherther. It will pick up 34567, 45678, 4567. If <br />the number was just 34567 and you didn’t use <br />any wildcards, you would not find this occurrence. <br />Standards/Samples for Keyword Searching <br />Item Use <br />Reports Standard Term XXX-###-YY (for all reports since 2006) <br />(eg. CLD-001-08) <br />XXX-#-YY (previous years- inconsistent) <br />(eg. WD-1-05 or PSD-100-04) <br />Minutes Resolutions <br />Council C-###-YY (eg. C-100-08) – post 1979 <br /> C-yy-### (eg. C-77-23) – pre 1979 <br />GPA GPA-###-YY (eg. GPA-100-08) <br />By-laws Standard Term By-law (not bylaw or by law) <br /> <br /> Standard YYYY-### (for Clarington since 2000) <br />Numbering (eg. 2008-001) <br />YY-## (pre 2000) <br />#### (pre amalgamation) <br /> <br /> 12 <br />